It's BreathableIt's ComfortableWear it for Long

Anti Microbial

Tested for Viruses and Bacteria


Very high breathability

BFE 99%

>99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency


Re-usable up to 30- gentle washes.

Own the G1 Wonder Mask - STYLO
Own the G1 Wonder Mask – STYLO


STYLO is the G1 Wonder Mask for the young at heart, raring to take on the world on their own terms. Worries go out of the back door, and confidence truly becomes your hallmark with the STYLO on. Go on, and fulfil all that you wanted to do, without the fear that held you back.

With STYLO, it’s going to be wonderful.

₹299.00 Only.

Proven to Kill the following MicrobesTypeTest Result
Influenza H1N1VirusKill Rate 99.997%
Measles VirusVirus99.7% killing of virus
Bacteriophage VirusVirus99.8% Reduction
Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538BacteriaLog 7.4 Reduction
99.4% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC 4352BacteriaLog 7.4 Reduction

Tested at the following Labs for different Microbes
SITRA, Bureau Veritas, Himway Test House, Seagull Bio Solutions, Biotech Testing Services, ITS Laboratories, CEG Test House
* NM Graphene-Silver Nanotechnology tested on microbes virus at NABL certified lab.
** NM Graphene-Silver membrane tested at govt. approved lab as per ISO 20743 & ISO 18184 with anti-microbial activity.


All G1 Wonder products are tested at various NABL / Government certified laboratories as per the required test standards.

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