All the Products offered for sale by the company on the website ‘’ are governed by this legal disclaimer alongwith the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use & Exchange Policy.

  • All the products being sold on the Website are to be put to use / worn in the manner provided on the respective product packing.
  • The products being sold have a layer of NM-Graphene Silver Membrane, which:
  • upon contact kills 99% microbes, bacteria and viruses as per the test reports made available on the website.
  • upon contact filters VOC and PM 2.5 & above particulate matters as per the test reports made available on the website.
  • The performance of the NM-Graphene Silver Membrane and Products is under standard conditions and will vary depending on usage habits and ambient conditions.
  • The use of Products does not prevent / cure any viral infection/disease etc. to the wearer/user.
  • The use of our Products does not replace government’s advised / recommended measures to prevent the spread/cure of COVID-19/ Virus or any communicable disease. You are advised to follow the applicable guidelines / protocol / behaviour as per the directions / advice Competent Authority including WHO / MoHFW.
  • Products are not for use by and/or be within reach of children under 3/18 years of age, as applicable.
  • Kindly self-check for your allergies prior to the purchase and do not use if allergic to any of the material of the products.
  • Kindly dispose the products as per applicable government norms after maximum permissible washes (as and if applicable) as mention on the product packing.
  • Kindly do not use the products when it is wet or moist.
  • Packaging of the products may be changed at any time in the sole discretion of the Company
  • The pictures shown on the websiteare for representation purposes and the actual product may differ in color / pattern and size.

The Company reserves the right to revise/change this legal disclaimer at any time in its sole discretions and thereafter such amended/replaced legal disclaimer would govern the Products on the website.

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