When the entire world was pushed to the wall by a lethal virus, we turned to the singular refuge of solutions for unknowns – Science, or to be exact, nanotechnology.

G1 wonder focuses on R&D and manufacturing of various products using Graphene. It is one of the first companies in the country that specializes in integration of graphene into number of applications and create value added proposition. The company partners with industry players in the domains such as filtration, polymers, construction, energy and textiles to solve their unique challenges through the power of graphene-nanotechnology. A number of patents related to environmental cleanups, antimicrobial systems, energy efficiency etc. has been filed by Nanomatrix.

3600 Protection Solution: Soon after founding the company, covid-19 pandemic was spreading across the globe. The markets were flooded with different types of masks promising different levels of safety features. We had thought that long term safety solutions to the public should not be confined to just masks only. Therefore we identified 3 major sources:

  1. Person-to-Person – Especially when mask is not worn
  2. Person to surrounding Air – The infected person spreads the virus in the air and it remains airborne making it more vulnerable for infection to others especially in closed rooms / spaces
  3. Person to Surface – Infected person through cough or not washing the hands contaminates the near surroundings like door knobs, handle, chair, lifts etc. which when other person touches is gets contaminated too.

Therefore a revolutionary solution namely NM-GTx was developed, a Graphene-Silver Nanotechnology Composite that is strongly antimicrobial and has multiple uses across the sectors. This can be applied to masks, PPE kits, textile, clothing, filters, furniture and surfaces.

Materials treated with NM-GTx acts like an electrically charged layer which ruptures the cell membrane and destroys it instantly. Henceforth, G1 Wonder is practically taking the charge and bridging the gap between theory and application with providing best quality of Graphene globally valued by one of the Israel based company known as Graphene-Info. With our B2C brand “G1 Wonders”, we have introduced series of products like Masks, AC Filters, Surface Coating Sprays.

About Team

Nanomatrix is founded by Mr. Vikas Bardiya who is actively involved in the development with regards to graphene for more than a decade. Mr. Bardiya was further joined with two young scientists Mr. Arvind Bhardwaj and Mr. Anupam Kumar, who later co-founded Nanomatrix. The trio make a strong team who would visualize, conceptualize and synthesize nanomaterials in material science. Besides, Mr. Bardiya is involved in series of businesses such as real estate, mining, graphite, graphene and nanotechnology. Application of diverse knowledge that he gathered from different sectors made him the true serial entrepreneur that he is. His expertise lies in visualizing, development insights, management and operations part of the company. He is a Regents Business School, London BBA graduate.

Mr. Arvind Bhardwaj is M.Tech in nanotechnology and has more than 5 years of industrial research experience in Graphene nanotechnology. Mr. Anupam Kumar is B.Tech in Chemical & polymer engineering domain and has research and product development experience of more than 5 years. As a nanotechnology operating company, Nanomatrix is engaged in the large-scale production of Graphene derivative and work on the development of a game-changing products for real life application.

This core team is supported by technical advisors Dr. Pankaj Poddar, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-NCL, Pune and Prof. Tarkeshwar Kumar, Professor of Petroleum Engg., IIT (ISM), Dhanbad. The technical advisors advise and troubleshoot the technical problems. The scientists and professors from the team were involved in materials and lubricant R&D as well as teaching from more than 15 years.


Certified by NABL / Government-approved laboratories

The NM Graphene-Silver Membrane with the Graphene-Silver Nanotechnology has been tested & certified by the following laboratories – SITRA, CEG Test House, Himway Test House, Seagull Bio Solutions, Biotech Testing Services & ITS Laboratories.



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